AANHPI Appreciation - The Legacy, The Teachers, The Necessity

As a platform for uplifting teacher agency and youth power to dismantle and disrupt the inequities present within the education landscape, it is imperative that we provide resources that illuminate the stories and identities of those who are overlooked and rendered invisible to build a community across schools, districts, and identities. In recognition of Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) month and Teacher Appreciation Week, we bring you another reading list focused on deepening the collective understanding of AANHPI experiences with education and elevating the ways in which AANHPI educators have been indispensable in the fight for education equity and represented in education equity conversations.

Cam Perdido (Co-Founder) and Nathan Roura (Director of Policy) proudly center the legacy of AANHPI folx in Transformative Teach's pursuit in education equity. We celebrate the legacy of AANHPI leaders, activists, and educators during AAPI Heritage Month. We are #NotYourModelMinority #PinoyPower

Nationally, only 2.5% of all public school educators identify as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander. Despite AANHPI educators comprising the smallest

percentage of educators, understanding their experiences cements the legacy of AANHPI educators paving the way for educational equity and excellence to be achieved. When inequities faced by AANHPI folx are not made visible or given space within the education landscape, the ‘model minority myth’ is reinforced and the idea that AANHPI educators do not confront challenges in education is perpetuated.

Understanding the contributions of AANHPI folx and the needs of AANHPI educators is critical to continuing the fight for education equity. Recognizing the legacy of AANHPI communities can help mobilize educators across different backgrounds, identities, and experiences to become culturally competent and responsive, as equity-minded leaders, to advance education equity.

“You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.”

~ Grace Lee Boggs

Nurture your growth with the following literature and critically unpack your relationship with awareness of self, community, and institution. Visit our Bookshop Affiliate Page to access this list! When you purchase through Bookshop, Transformative Teach receives rewards that allow us to share our book recommendations and resources with educators and our school partners.



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