Are you an educator or school leader looking for tools to cultivate transformative learning spaces? Are you interested in preventing the School-to-Prison-Pipeline in your community / school?​ Bring Transformative Teach Programming to your school, organization, and community!

Transformative Teach offers in-person & virtual workshops that help to equip students, educators, families, leadership teams, and community members with essential frameworks and practices that cultivate equity-minded engagement and prevent disciplinary action.

PRICES: Varies


PEDAGOGY X POWER: Unbarring Your Identity

Educators are some of the most influential people in a young person's life. Let's equip them with tools to understand identity development, implicit bias, and systems of privilege & oppression. Learn about your role & strategies to engage as an anti-bias, culturally-competent leader in your classroom, school, and community. 

WHO IS THE TARGET? Understanding & Honoring Students' Lived Experiences

The School-to-Prison-Pipeline is an intersectional system - it criminalizes youth based on their race, socioeconomic status, ability, language, gender, and sexual orientation. Learn how to support students who experience multiple targeted identities inside & outside of the classroom. 

CENTER YOUTH POWER, NOT CAGES: Redefining Expectations & Agency in the Classroom 

The Education & Incarceration Systems were established to reinforce the dominant "norm". Today, when youth do not fit this mold, they are disciplined or dismissed. Learn about the historical context of classroom expectations & frameworks to leverage your students' inherent power. 

WHY DOES AGE MATTER? Planning Sustainable Prevention for Elementary, Middle, and High School

School Policies and Disciplinary Action is reinforced differently based on age groups. Learn how to embed age-relevant prevention within your classroom culture and construct mutually-beneficial accountability structures for educators, students, and school staff. 


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